Lincoln Shell Keep

The British Library UK Website Archive

The British Library have invited the Castle Studies Group to participate in their Web Archiving Programme. They select and archive sites to represent certain aspects of UK documentary heritage and as a result, they will remain available to researchers in the future. Because websites are revisited and snapshots ("instances") are taken at regular intervals, readers can see how a website evolves over time. The British Library works closely with leading UK institutions to collect and permanently preserve the UK web.


There are benefits to a website owner in having their publication archived by the British Library -  having a permanent historical record of our evolving website, with access to individual indexed pages. The British Library aim to develop preservation mechanisms to keep our publication permanently accessible as hardware and software change over time.


Their Web Archive can be seen here. The work is progressing, and the CSG page is here when the CSG website was first captured in November 2009 and the current version is compared by moving the time line.

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