Lincoln Shell Keep

 Antiquarian Topographical Prints and Drawings 1540 - 1850

Part One

Essay in Full - pages 1-88 - low resolution output

Introduction - The Art of Topography

Artist’s and Engravers - Catalogue - Part One

John Speed

John Norden            

Anthonis van den Wyngaerde                   

Ralph Agas      

George Braun & Frans Hogenberg

William Smith

William Haiward

John Bereblock

Cornelis Bol

Daniel King

Wenceslaus Hollar

Alexander Keirincx

Hendrick Danckerts

Willem Schellinks

John Slezer

Francis Place

Michael Burghers

Jan Kip & Leonard Knyff

Robert Harman

William Stukeley

Bernard Lens III

Antonio Canaletto

Samuel & Nathaniel Buck

George Vertue

William Borlase

Thomas Badeslade

Francis Grose     

Edward King

Women antiquaries and restorers:

Lady Anne Clifford; The Frankland sisters; Miss H. S. A Horton

Elizabeth Elliot; Edith Palmer; Mary Ward;

Mary Anne Lathbury; Amelia Long; Amelia Noel.


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Caernarfon castle from the west. Moses Griffith. 1780s

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