Lincoln Shell Keep

Castle Studies Group September Bulletin Volume 16sb for 2013.

Title page(s) Author(s) Notes
Guildford Castle Gatehouse 2   News Report
Astley Castle, Warwickshire 2   News Report
Lincoln Castle 3   News Report
Excavation & Restoration of Mingary Castle 4-5 Jon Haylett Excavation summary
Reconstruction of the Keep in Rasnov Castle, Romania 6-7 Cristian Munteanu News Report
Recent excavations at Bulbuente Castle, Spain 8   News Report
Dig seeks to establish age of Swedish castle 9   News Report
Yoros Castle, Istanbul, Turkey 9   News Report
Castle Studies Trust: Looking for Projects to Fund 10   News Report
Selkirk Castle Community Archaeology Project 11   News Report
Wind Farm proposals at Hermitage Castle 12   News Report
Repairs to Pevensey Castle 13   News Report
Sandal Castle, Yorkshire 13-14   News Report
Remains of Stamford Castle sold at auction 14   News Report
Medieval harness found at Caherduggan Castle, county Cork 15   News Report
Northampton Castle 17-18   News Report (excavation)
Confectionary Castles 18   News Report