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e-theses & dissertations:

Connors, O.J. The effects of Anglo-Norman Lordship upon the landscape of Post-Conquest Monmouthshire. PhD thesis. University of Exeter, 2013.

James Gareth Davies, (2013), The Earth and Timber Castles of the Lyn Peninsula in their Archaeological, Historical and Landscape context

Inglis, J. R. 2011. Scottish castles rescued rebuilt, restored and reoccupied, 1945-2010. PhD thesis. University of Dundee, 2011.

Ryder, Charles, (2011) The Spiral Stair or Vice: its origins, role and meaning in medieval stone castles:

Goffriller, Martin Sebastian (2011), The Castles of Mallorca: A diachronic perspective of the dynamics of territorial control on an Islamic island

Fradley, Michael George, (2011), The Old in the New: Urban Castle Imposition in Anglo-Norman England, AD 1050-1150,

Cornell, David (2006), English castle garrisons in the Anglo-Scottish wars of the fourteenth century:

Marshall, Pamela, (2006), Magna Turris : a study of the development, planning and use of social space in donjons of the eleventh and twelfth centuries located in the geographical territories of the Norman and Angevin kings of England:

Phillips, Neil (2005) Earthwork Castles of Gwent and Ergyng AD 1050-1250

Driver, T., (2005), The Hillforts of North Ceredigion: Architecture, Landscape Setting and Cultural Contexts; TBA

Prior, Stuart, (2004), 'Winning strategies' : an archaeological study of Norman castles in the landscapes of Somerset, Monmouthshire & Co. Meath, 1066-1186:

Constable, Christopher, (2003)  Aspects of the archaeology of the castle in the north of England c 1066-1216:

Payne, Naomi, (2003),The medieval residences of the bishops of Bath and Wells, and Salisbury:  

Liddiard, Robert, (2000), Landscapes of lordship : Norman castles and the countryside in medieval Norfolk:

Rickard, Thomas John Charles, (1999),The personnel of English and Welsh castles, 1272-1422:

Rutherford, Allan Gavin (1998), A social interpretation of the castle in Scotland

Creighton, Oliver, (1998) Castles and landscapes: an archaeological survey of Yorkshire and the East Midlands: TBA

Molin, Bengt Kristian (1995) The role of castles in the political and military history of the Crusader States and the Levant 1187 to 1380

Leyland, Martin., (1994), The origins and development of Durham Castle to AD 1217: the archaeological and architectural record

Speight, Sarah (1993) Family, faith and fortification: Yorkshire 1066-1250. PhD thesis, University of Nottingham.

Higham, R. A., (1979), The Castles of Medieval Devon,

e-Papers: Specific Articles:

Hislop, Malcolm., (2010)  A missing link: a reappraisal of the date, architectural context and significance of the great tower of Dudley Castle. Also found in The Antiquaries Journal, 90. pp. 211-233:

Steven Brindle’s discussion (2011) of the changes to the Great Tower at Dover castle:

Richardson, Amanda, (2011), ‘Beyond the Castle Gate: The Role of Royal Landscapes in Constructions of English Medieval Kingship and Queenship’ in Concilium medii aevi, Vol. 14:,cma,014,2011,a,04.pdf

Hicks, Leonie V. (2009) ‘Magnificent entrances and undignified exits: chronicling the symbolism of castle space in Normandy’, in Journal of Medieval History, 35, (1), 52-69.

Rita Wood, The Norman Chapel in Durham Castle:

Mercer, David, (2006), ‘The trouble with paradigms. A historiographical study on the development of ideas in the discipline of castle studies’ in Archaeological Dialogues / Volume 13 / Issue 01 / June 2006 , pp 93-109,

Creighton & Higham, 2004: Castle studies and the ‘Landscape’ Agenda - 2004:

Tadhg O’Keeffe, 2001,  ‘Concepts of ‘castle’ and the construction of identity in medieval and post-medieval Ireland:

Creighton, Oliver, 1997,: ‘Early Leicestershire Castles: Archaeology and Landscape History’ from Journal of the Leicestershire Archaeology and Historical Society, Vol. 71, 1997

Philip Davis’s Gatehouse: papers/lists/maps/essays, on licences to crenellate & statistical analysis, defining the castle, minor castles, earth mounds, Northumberland, etc

Charles Coulson: Cultural Realities and Reappraisals in castle study - 1996: Journal of Medieval History Vol 22 Issue 2, 1996:

Sarah Speight: British castle studies in the late 20th and 21st centuries:


The following references are generally links to commercial on-line storage and retrieval systems for academic e-Journals that arrange downloads of individual articles in a range of castle-related Journals, following credit card payment. Examples are JSTOR (not for profit), WS Maney with Ingenta Connect, Science Direct, Blackwell-Synergy (now Wiley Interscience), High Beam, High Wire etc.

Cambridge Journals online (The Antiquaries Journal):

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Society of Medieval Archaeology Journal Archive (1-50): Archsearch Libary

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