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The listing below includes the E-Bulletins from 2006. They are edited by Therron Welstead and are issued three times each year as electronic pdf format documents and emailed to members. For submissions contact:



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1987-2016 Volumes 1 - 30


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CSG 2006 Summer Bulletin/Newsletter Vol. 8

Summer Bulletin/Newsletter Vol. 8

CSG 2007 Summer Bulletin  Vol. 9

Summer Bulletin  Vol. 9

CSG 2008 Summer Bulletin Vol. 10

Summer Bulletin Vol. 10

CSG 2009 Summer Bulletin Vol. 11

Summer Bulletin Vol. 11

CSG 2010 Summer Bulletin Vol. 12

Summer Bulletin Vol. 12

CSG 2011 Summer Bulletin Vol. 13

Summer Bulletin Vol. 13

CSG 2012 Summer Bulletin Vol.14

Summer Bulletin Vol.14

CSG 2013 Spring Bulletin Vol.15

Spring Bulletin Vol.15

CSG 2013 September Bulletin Vol.16

Summer Bulletin Vol.16

CSG 2014 Spring Bulletin Vol.17

Spring Bulletin Vol.17

CSG 2014 September Bulletin Vol.18

Summer Bulletin Vol.18

CSG 2015 Spring Bulletin Vol.19

Spring  Bulletin Vol.19

CSG 2015 September Bulletin Vol.20

Summer Bulletin Vol.20

CSG 2016 Spring Bulletin Vol. 21

Spring Bulletin Vol.21

CSG 2016 September Bulletin Vol. 22

Summer Bulletin Vol.22

CSG 2017 March Bulletin Vol. 23

Spring Bulletin Vol.23

CSG 2017 September Bulletin Vol.24

CSG 2018 January Bulletin Vol. 25

CSG 2018 May Bulletin Vol. 26