Lincoln Shell Keep

The CSG Newsletter 16 - 2002-3 Full Contents Listing

Article title page Author(s) Notes
The Castle Studies Group Conference - Dumfries - April 2002 3-13   Conference report with reports on Threave Castle, Castledykes, MacLellan's Castle, Orchardton Tower, Motte of Urr, Morton Castle, Amisfield Castle, Lochmaben, Repentance Tower, Hoddom Castle, Caerlaverock Castles and Carlisle Castle.
Chepstow Castle Conference 14-15   Conference Report
The RAI Lecture - 'English Castle Architecture in the Reign of Richard II 1377-99' by John Goodall 16-19 Neil Guy Conference Report
The 2002 Château Gaillard Conference, Ireland 20-21 Allan Rutherford Conference Report
Castle Studies Group Conference Tour of South Turkey and Cyprus 22-23 Lawence Butler Conference Report
National 27-29   News reports concerning:- The state of the Historic Environment; TV vote to save buildings at risk; sale of England's bishop's palaces.
England 30-39   News reports concerning:- Morpeth; Sheriff Hutton; Sheffield; Dilston; Clifford; Oxford; Castles at Risk.
Symon's Castle - survey and excavation 40-45 Jeremy Huggett Excavation Report
The Wallingford Burh to Borough Research Project 46-47 Oliver Creighton News Report
Mt Orgueil controversy 48-51 Pamela Marshall News Report
Wales 52-53   News reports concerning:- Caergwrle; Chepstow Great Hall; Oystermouth.
The Opening of Dolforwyn Castle 54-59 CADW News Report - Reprinted from Heritage in Wales Vol. 22
Cardigan Castle ruins 'rescued' by council 60   News Report
Scotland 61-63   News reports concerning:- Cadzow; Terbert.
Buittle Motte and Bailey Excavation Summary 64-67 Stewartry Archaeological Trust Excavation Report
Scotland 68-71   News reports concerning:- Building at Risk Bulletin; Sorbie Tower; Urquhart Castle visitor centre.
The Carrickmines Controversy 72-75 David Newman Jonhson News Report
The 2002 Château Gaillard Conference, Ireland 75-76 David Newman Jonhson Conference Report
Irish Conservation and excavation news 76-77 David Newman Jonhson News Report
The Castle Heritage in Slovakia - Castles from 1p - but only rich need apply 78-79 Michael Leidig & Telegraph Group News Report
The Scottish Chateau: The Country House of Renaissance Scotland 80-82 MilesGlendenning Book Review - Charles McKean, 2001, The Scottish Chateau: The Country House of Renaissance Scotland (Sutton Publishing) ISBN 0-7509-2323-7
A Fortified Frontier 82 Tim Ward Book Review - Iain MacIvor, 2001, A Fortified Frontier: Defences of the Anglo-Scottish Border (Tempus) ISBN 0-7524-1428-3
Norfolk castles-Landscapes of Lordship 83 Helen Paterson Book Review - Robert Liddiard, 2000, Landscapes of Lordship: Norman Castles and the Countryside in Medieval Norfolk, 1066-1200 (BAR 309) ISBN 1-84171-156-X
The Origin and Purpose of the Donjon - some heretical thoughts 86-88 Peter Purton Comment
The Importance of Being Ruined 89-91 Richard Fawcett Comment - Reprinted from Prospect Issue 85
Stewart Cruden 22 January 1915 to 30 October 2002 98 DavidBreeze Summary of obituary published in The Independent 7 November 2002
Nicholas Quentin Bogdan 18 June 1947 to 16August 2002 99-100 Geoffrey Stell and Gordon Casely Geoffrey Stell and obituary from The Guardian
Arnold Taylor 24 July 1911 to 24 October 2002 101   Obituary