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The CSG Newsletter 8 - 1994-5 -  Full Contents Listing

Castle Studies Group Newsletter and Bibliography Volume 8 for 1994-5.

Title page(s) Author(s) Notes
Eighth Annual Conference, 1994. The Castles of Northumberland 2-4   Conference report on Ford, Etal, Norham, Bamburgh, Preston, Hepburn, Edlingham, Alnwick, Warkworth, Dunstanburgh, Mitford, Belsay, Aydon, Prudhoe
Crusader Castles in the Kingdom of Jerusalem 4-13 David Johnson Conference report on Jerusalem ; Belmont Castle; Abu Ghosh; Aqua Bella fortified infirmary; Latrun; Castle Arnold (Yalu); 'Amwas; al Qubaiba; Nabi Samwil church; Lydda-church of St George; af Yibna (Ibelin); Minatal-Qala (Ashdod Yam); Ascalon; Tell as-Safi (Blanchegarde); Bait Jibrin; Arsuf; Caesarea town walls and castle; Qaqun; Red Tower (Burjal-Ahmar); Rasal-'Ain (Antipatris); Mirabel (Majdal Yaba); Maldoim (Qal'at ad-Damn, Castle of Blood); Baisan (Bet She'an); Belvoir; Châteauneuf; Banyas city walls; Qal'at Subaiba (Nimrod's); le Chastelez; Safed; Jiddin; Mi'iliya (Castrum Regis); Tiberias; Acre city walls; Ein Afek fortified water mill; Saffuriya tower.
Castle-studies: Recent Publications 19-31 John Kenyon Bibliography
Information on members' activities 32-33   News Report
News Items 33-38   News reports concerning:- membership of CBA; Documentary research on Irish castles; Herefordshire Archaeological News; Dunstanburgh Castle; Castle Hedingham; Historical Association
Obituary 34   His Honour John Clifford Perks
Château Gaillard 1994 34-35   Short Conference summary
Castella Maris Baltici 2 1993 35   Short Conference summary
New Books on Crusader Castles and Warfare 38 Denys Pringle Bibliography
Castles in Japan: a first impression .... 38-42 Lawrence Butler Feature Article