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The CSG Summer Bulletin 12 2010 - Full Contents Listing

Castle Studies Group Summer Bulletin Volume 12sb for 2010.

Title page(s) Author(s) Notes
Early Norman Castles Built in the Anglo- Saxon Burhs of Dorset 2   News Report
Funding boost for Pontefract Castle 2   News Report
Historic castle archway reopens in Guildford 2   News Report
Scotland’s Castle Culture 3   Forthcoming book notice
Chris Tabraham Retires 3   News Report
Some poorly known castles. News from Gatehouse 4-5 Philip Davis On possible castle at Lamerton, Devon; Leafield Barry Tump, Oxon.; Castle Goff, Cornwall; Stippershull, Warwickshire
Ella Armitage Archive – update 6   News Report
Chepstow Castle reopens restored ‘Gloriette’ 7   News Report
Revealing the dark secrets of Oystermouth Castle 7-8   News Report
Dinefwr Castle 8   News Report
Archaeologists find remains of Nevern Castle in Wales 8   News Report
The History and Archaeology of Glanworth Castle, Co. Cork: Excavations 1982-4 by Conleth Manning 9   Book notice
15th century tower house at Tulsk, Co. Roscommon 9   News Report
Irish Walled Towns Initiative receives ¤850,000 9   News Report
Winchelsea, ‘Medieval New Towns’ Conference, May 2010 10-11 Philip Davis and Peter A Burton Conference report
The Spanish Association of Friends of Castles. Inventory of Defensive Architecture 12   News Report
13th century castle being built in Ozark, Arkansas, USA 12-13   News Report
Spanish Ministry of Culture allocates 404 600 euros for the rehabilitation of the walls of Daroca. 13   News Report
The New Castle Studies Group website 14-15 Neil Guy News Report
Westgate Tower Museum in Canterbury is saved from closure 15   News Report
Scottish Castles Initiative – Update 15   News Report