Lincoln Shell Keep

The CSG Journal 27 - 2013-14 Full Contents Listing

Article title page Author(s) Notes
The Castle Studies Group Conference 'Castles and Palaces of the Stewarts, based in Stirling, April 2013 4-122 Neil Guy et al Conference report with illustrated reports on Castle Campbell, Balgonie Castle, Falkland Palace, St. Andrews Palace, Ravenscraig Castle, Doune Castle, Alloa Tower, Linlithgow Palace, Blackness Castle, Plane Castle and Lochleven Castle.
The Chateau Gaillard XXVI: 2012 - Report of the Colloque 123-131 Peter Purton Conference report.
Cathar Castles II 132-141 Lawrence Butler Conference report.
Brougham Castle's double-gatehouse, vaulting ambition and 'bottle dungeons' 142-180 Neil Guy Feature article
Marshal towers' in South-West Wales: Innovation, Emulation and Mimicry 181-202 John Wiles Feature Article
The Impact of Chateau Gaillard and Crusading on English Castle Architecture 203-233 Richard Hulme Feature Article
'A palace for our kings' - A decade of research into a royal residence in the heart of Sherwood Forest at Kings Clipstone, Nottinghamshire 234-251 James Wright and Andy Gaunt Feature Article
Halls, 'hall-houses' and tower-houses in medieval Ireland: disentangling the needlessly entangled 252-262 Tadhg O'Keeffe Feature Article
'Water Court: smaller, and quite demure' A recent building survey of a forgotten late medieval courtyard at Knole, Kent 263-270 David Sorapure and James Wright Feature Article
Moat House, near Thorp Arch, West Yorkshire 271-283 Shaun Richardson Feature Article
Murage: An introduction 284-299 Philip Davis Feature Article
Kyffin Williams and castle guidebooks of North Wales 303-303 John R Kenyon Feature Article
Reviews 304-326   Reviews of Denys Pringle's Churches, Castles and Landscape in the Frankish East (Ashgate Publinshing: 2013), John Goodall's Scarborough Castle (English Heritage 2013), Jeremy Ashbee's Rochester Castle (English Heritage 2013), Billy Colfer's Wexford Castles Landscape, Context, Settlement (Cork University Press 2013), Newcastle and Northumberland - Roman and Medieval Architecture and Art BAA Conference Transactions 36 (Maney Publishing 2013)
New Books 326-329   Notice, and brief reviews of, Malcolm Hislop's How to Read Castle (Bloomsbury Visual Arts 2013), Alan Brooks's Castles of Northwest Greece: From the Early Byzantine Period to the Eve of the First World War (Aetoes Press 2013), Nick Hill's 'Hall and Chambers: Oakham Castle Reconsidered' in The Antiquaries Journal Vol. 93 pp. 163-216, Neil Christie, Oliver Creighton et al, Transforming Townscapes. From Burh to Borough: The Archaeology of Wallingford, AD 800-1400 (Society for Medieval Archaeology monograph 35), Andrew Parkyn and Tom McNeill, 'Regional Power and the Profits of War: the East Range of Warwick Castle' in The Archaeological Journal Vol. 169 pp. 480-518, Anthony Emery's Seats of Power During the Hundred Years' War - An Architectural Study from 1337 to 1483, Stephanie R‡tkai's Wigmore Castle, North Herefordshire: excavations 1996 and 1998 (Society for Medieval Archaeology monograph 34).