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The CSG Journal 26 - 2012-13 Full Contents Listing

Castle Studies Group Journal Volume 26 for 2012-13.

Title page(s) Author(s) Notes
The Castle Studies Group conference 'Castles of Co. Durham' Durham, April 2011 4-150 Neil Guy, Pamela Marshall, Malcolm Hislop et al Conference report with illustrated reports on the castles of Durham, Raby, Bishop Auckland, Witton, Brancepeth, Brough, Bowes, Lumley, Hylton and Tynemouth.
The Carrickfergus conference - October 2011 151-168 Danield Tietzsch-Tyler Conference report
The Norwich 'Norman Connections' conference - May 2012 169-184 Neil Guy, Philip Davis, Richard Eales Conference report
Powis Castle Middle Park 'Motte and Bailey' 185-189 Peter G. Barton Feature Article
Note on the two castles of Genau'r-glyn - Ceredigion 190-195 John Wiles Feature Article
Newnham Castle excavations, Kent - interim report 196-200 Paula Jardine Rose Excavation report of previously unknown masonry Norman tower.
Ailnoth 'The Engineer' and Orford Castle 201-202 Derek Renn Feature Article
Mortemer's Round Tower and Conisbrough 203-206 Neil Guy Feature Article
Lancaster Castle's Great Tower - interim report View here 207-215 Neil Guy Feature Article
Ella Armitage and Norman castles in France 100 Years Ago 216-229 Morag Fyfe Feature Article
The enduring influence of Ella Armitage 230-244 Richard Hulme Feature Article
Ella Armitage - Early Norman Castles of the British Isles - Errata & Corrigenda View here 245-252 Ella Armitage's handwritten notes for an intended revision of her 1912 seminal text.
Alexander Hamilton Thompson (1873-1952)View here 253-254 Jonh Kenyon Biography
A postscript to 'Well-placed to wage war' 255-256 David Hinton Comment
Castle gatehouses in north-west England View here 257-281 Richard Nevell Feature Article
The Round Tower at Barnard Castle and gendered space 282-284 Philip Davis Feature Article
The Landmark Trust's Astley Castle opens for holiday lets 285-287 Neil Guy News report
Reviews and New Books 288-315 Part 1 of an extensive review of John Goodall's The English Castle 1066-165 (Yale: 2011)
Detailed reviews of Steven Brindle's Dover Castle (English Heritage, 2012), Mark Girouard's Old Wardour Castle (English Heritage, 2012), Alan Hayden's Trim Castle, Co. Meath: Excavations 1995-8 (Dublin: The Stationary Office: 2011) and Colin Breen's Dunluce Castle: history and archaeology (Four Courts Press: 2012)
Notices for new books: Jane Fenlon (ed), Clanricard's Castle: Portumna House, Co. Galway (Four Courts Press: 2012); James Lyttleton, Blarney Castle - An Irish Tower House (Four Courts Press: 2012); Oliver Creighton, Early European Castles - Aristocracy and Authority AD 800-1200 (Bristol Classical Press: 2012); Robert Higham and Philip Barker, Timber Castles (University of Exeter Press: 2012) reprint; James Scott Petre (ed), The Castles of Bedfordshire (Shaun Tyas 2012); Dan Snow (ed), Battle Castles - 500 years of knights and siege warfare (HarperPress 2012); Brian Grimsditch, Michael Nevell and Richard Nevell, Buckton Castle and the castles of north-west England (Univesity of Salford 2012); James Petrie, Crusader Castles of Cyprus (2012); P. Ettel, A.-M. Flambard Hericher, K. O'Conor (eds) Château Gaillard 25: L'Origine du château médiéval, actes du colloque de Rindern, Allemagne (2010) (2012).
Barbara Harbottle 316 In memoriam