Lincoln Shell Keep

The CSG Journal 25 - 2011-12 Full Contents Listing

Article title page Author(s) Notes
The Castle Studies Group Conference 'Castles of Essex and Suffolk (with the Tower of London)' Marks Tey, Colchester, April 2011 4-100 Neil Guy et al Conference report with illustrated reports on Colchester castle, Hedingham castle, The Tower of London, Little Wenham Hall, Orford castle, Framlingham Castle, Mettingham castle, Bungay Castle, Pleshey castle, Hadleigh casle and Rayleigh Mount.
The Château Gaillard XXV - 28th August-5th September 2010 Conference 101-112 David Newman Johnson Conference report with illustrated reports on Schwanenburg, Burg Linn, Valkhof Castle, Anholt Castle, Bergh Castle, Emeriti Castle, Heeswijk Castle, Hernen castle, Batenburg, Ammeysoyen Castle, Waardenburg castle and Loevestein castle.
The Rise of the Anticlockwise Newel Stair View here 113-174 Neil Guy Feature article
Arrow-loops in the Great Tower of Kenilworth castle: Symbolism vs Active/Passive 'Defence' View here 175-179 Derek Renn Feature Article
The Functions of Barbicans 180-188 Dennis Turner Feature Article
'Well-placed to wage war': war, strategy and English royal castles 1066-1272 189-207 Richard Hulme Feature Article
Sidney Toy - A Biography View here 208-223 Neil Guy Feature Article
How many tower-houses were there in the Scottish Borders? a few observations 224-240 Alastair Maxwell-Irving Feature Article
The Cathedral of St Étienne in St Brieuc (Côtes d'Armor), and some thoughts on fortified churches 241-243 Peter Purton Feature Article
The Papel Palace - Avignon 244-271 Anthony Emery Feature Article
Harlsey Castle, West Harlsey, North Yorkshire 272-286 Erik Matthews and Shaun Richardson Excavation report and study of a little reported castle
Licences to Crenellate - Additions and Corrections 287-288 Philip Davis Feature Article
Europa Nostra Scientific Committee - Cyprus Meeting 2011 289 Jonathan Coad Conference Report
New Books - 2011-12 290-294   Brief reviews of John Goodall's The English Castle 1066-1650 (Yale: 2011), Lise Hull's Castles of Britain and Ireland (New Holland Publishers: 2011), Stan Beckensall's Coastal Castles of Northumberland (Amberley Publishing: 2010), Peter Harrison's Fortress Monasteries of the Himalayas (Osprey: 2011), Audley Dakin, Miles Geldinning and Aonghus MacKechnie (eds) Scotland's Castle Culture (John Donald, 2011), Richard Fawcett and Allan Rutherford Renewed Life for Scottish Castles (CBA Research Report) and a new edition of T.E. Lawrence's Crusader Castles (The Folio Society)