Lincoln Shell Keep

The CSG Summer Bulletin 13 2011 - Full Contents Listing

Castle Studies Group Summer Bulletin Volume 13sb for 2011.

Title page(s) Author(s) Notes
King John's Castle, Limerick 2-3 Dan Tietzsch-Tyler News Report
Kilkenny Castle 3-4 Dan Tietzsch-Tyler News Report
New study of Burt Castle, Donegal 5   News Report
Carrickfergus Castle 5   News Report
Scottish Castles Association Annual General Meeting and Outing, 2011 6-7 Alastair Maxwell-Irving With reports on Hillslap, Burnhead, Fatlips, Lanton, Goldilands, Salenside, Blackhouse, Dryhope, Kirkhope and Aikwood towers and Branxholme and Newark castles.
Medieval Knights buries at Stirling Castle 8   News Report
Cardigan Castle 9   News Report
Tickhill Castle, Yorkshire 10-11 Peter A Burton News Report
Hereford's city walls repairs move a step closer 11   News Report
Buckton Castle, Tameside, Gtr Manchester 11-12 Brian Grimsditch Excavation summary
Westgate Castle, County Durham 13   News Report
Earls, Gunners & Tourists. Carrickfergus Castle, past and future 13   Announcement of conference
News from Gatehouse 14 Philip Davis News Report
Marvão, Portugal: Medieval Castle Renovation or Destruction? 14-15   News Report
Environmental Crusaders of Malbork 15   News Report