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The CSG Newsletter 11 - 1997-8 -  Full Contents Listing

Castle Studies Group Newsletter Volume 11 for 1997-8.

Title page(s) Author(s) Notes
Meeting of the Scientific Council of the International Castles Institute (Europa Nostra) 3   Conference report
Malvern - Castle Enthusiasts Weekend 3 Paul Remfry Conference report
International Conference of Medieval and Later Archaeology, Bruges 1997 5 Richard Eales Conference report
News - Wales - Dolforwyn 11   News Report
Castles, education and interpretation: a personal view 12-15 John R Kenyon Comment
News from English Heritage Properties North Region 16-20 David Sherlock News reports concerning:- Norham, Etal, Brougham, Brough, Piel, Belsay, Dally, Ford, Hylton and Middleham
News from English Heritage Properties Midlands Region 20-21 Glyn Coppack News reports concerning:- Kenilworth, Wigmore, Tattershall and Beeston.
News - South West - Medieval and Civil War Defences at Bristol 23   News Report
News - Southern England. Tower of London 24   News Report
Survey Report - Castle Donington, Leicestershire SK448276 25-26 Sarah Speight News Report
News from CADW 27   News reports concerning:- Dinefwr, Chepstow and Dryslwyn.
The G T Clark Centenary 28   News Report
Excavations at Fetternear Abendeenshire. NJ 723170 29 Nick Bogdan and P Z Dransart Excavation summary.
The Scottish Castles Association 30   News Report
Castle Studies on the World Wide Web 31-34   News Report
The Mystery at Morgraig 35-39 Dylan Iorwerth Interview with Jack Spurgeon reproduced from Heritage in Wales.
Members Activities 40-42   News Report